My writing cupboard

As I write my first blog post I am sitting in my writing cupboard. It's not really a cupboard, but it is very small and cozy. In the 1920's when our apartment was built it would have been a little dressing room connecting the bedroom to the bathroom; basically a little walkway with two modest built-in closets, and a built-in vanity with drawers and a mirror. 

When we first saw the apartment I knew that was where I would write. It's worked out quite nicely, a little creative space I can close off from the rest of the world. I've filled it with paintings of the ocean, masks, lists of goals to keep me on track, and favorite photos. 

I seem to be unable to have just one project on the go and it's rare that I do. At the moment I am polishing the last draft of the second Lucy Lick-Me-Not story - Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins - which Bret Burkmar is beginning to illustrate. 

I’m also fleshing out a poem about my dog, Murphy, jotting down notes for two other children's stories (more to come on those soon), and attempting to find time in between to finish a feature-length screenplay I started last year (it’s over half way there).

One day it would be lovely have a larger room to write in, perhaps with an armchair and a window to look out of. But in the meantime my writing cupboard seems to be performing more than adequately with almost Tardis-like proportions, as multiple worlds filled with assorted characters, each with their own stories, seem to fit quite nicely within these four small walls.

More soon,


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