My favorite childhood Christmas book

As we near the holidays and begin to promote Lucy's Christmas story, Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins, I start to reminisce about the books I loved when I was little.

I think children can handle more than most people give them credit for. Some like scary stories, some like to feel excited and challenged, but above all I think children like honesty. Two of my favorite authors growing up were Roald Dahl and Raymond Briggs, and I think the reason they stand out for me is because they were honest. I remember being horrified, yet so enthralled, with Roald Dahl's The BFG - giants that came and took you out of your bed at night and ate you - that's extremely scary, but I couldn't get enough of it! The dark side and honesty of Roald Dahl's stories never belittled the reader, but instead respected that they could handle it, and as children we appreciated it and were drawn to it.

For me, the book (and animated short film) that will always mean Christmas to me is The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. It was one of the first films I was exposed to that made me feel sad and had poignancy, and that was new and exciting to me. Although they weren't happy feelings, they made me want to keep watching it again and again. I think it was also the first story that I had read as a child that ended on a sad note. It was honest - everything has a beginning and everything has an end, and snow (unfortunately) melts. You can even look at it as a metaphor for Christmas day, the day many children look forward to all year as having so much magic and possibility, but like everything it ends and you feel sad that the excitement has passed. But this sadness never took away from the magic of the story - a boy's magical night with his snowman who comes alive.

And some of that magic inspired Lucy's Christmas story. I wanted to write a cozy, exciting and magical Christmas adventure. Although the stories are quite different, this beautiful illustration from Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins: A Christmas Story is an homage to The Snowman.

Original Artwork by Bret Burkmar

Lucy & Jack Frost

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