The first snow

It started to snow late last night. The fact that it was pitch black out (there are no street lights in our neighborhood, so from about 4:30 PM onward you need a flashlight to walk anywhere) and freezing didn't deter my husband and I from a quick snowball fight as well as me staying out too long filming snowflakes falling in our laser light projector beams (which look like multicolored sparkles whooshing around). We didn't expect the snow to last until this morning, but it did! Hurrah! I ventured out early wearing many layers to take some photos of it before it melts. The fir trees that surround us looked perfect, as though they had been waiting all year for the snow to transform their standard, dark, triangular shape into ruffled layers of snow dipped branches. It was wonderful to be lost in a quiet world of clean, crisp snow. The only sounds were my neighbors children talking excitedly about where to build a snowman, and my footsteps as they crunched and creaked through the thick white layer on the grass. Not that I need an excuse, but seeing the winter world outside prompted me to put Raymond Briggs' The Snowman DVD on and let myself be transported back to my childhood while I warmed up with a hot coffee.

You cannot deny the magic of snow. It wakes up the inner child within us all, and I'm very drawn to snowy children's books, which is probably why Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins is my favorite of the Lucy series. If you're looking for festive gifts for children who to love to read this holiday season, it is available on all Amazon websites and can be ordered from all bookstores. It earned a Kirkus Star and was named to Kirkus Reviews best books of 2015.


My other favorite Christmas children's books are of course The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, Father Christmas, also by Raymond Briggs , and Stickman by Julia Donaldson. Coincidentally they have all been made into beautiful animated short films, which I throroughly recommend.

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