Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2015!

I love this time of year not just for the holidays, but for slowing down a little and taking the opportunity to ponder the year that has passed, and to make hopeful plans for the coming year.

This year we released Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins: A Christmas Story, and like Lucy's first adventure, Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Day Eaters: A Birthday Story, it has been well received, earning a Kirkus Star.  It was also selected for their Indie Books of the Month list and it has just been named to Kirkus Review's Best Books of 2015, which is a huge honor!

To celebrate we’re sharing Bret Burkmar's stunning and magical double page picture from Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins:

Lucy's Christmas Eve

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a safe, healthy new year!

Happy Holidays!


Feeling Christmassy

I LOVE December and am happy to start some Christmas baking, reread my favorite wintry books, and enjoy the sparkle of Christmas lights in almost every room, including my little writing cupboard:

writing cuboard lights

Last year we ended up having a very quiet Christmas as our plans to fly back to England were derailed at the last minute when our dog was attacked in a dog park. As well as being very distressed that our dog was in pain and shock from the attack, it was incredibly disappointing to cancel seeing family and friends we had looked forward to seeing all year long. We thought getting away would be a good distraction for all three of us so we rented a little house near the beach. With it being so last minute, we had no wrapped gifts or festive decorations, just me, my husband and our dog (who I'm pleased to say made a full recovery!) 

It was the first Christmas I have spent like that, and I initially thought it would feel all wrong not having our traditional celebration or having it look the way Christmas usually does. On Christmas eve we watched one of our favorite animations, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and it resonated with us more than ever. On the 25th our gifts were speaking to our families with a calling card, fresh walks on the beach and healthy, nourishing food. It was refreshing to strip the holidays back to what they are really about, connection and nourishment on all levels.

This winter feels extra special as Lucy's Christmas story, Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins, is out in the world. If you have any fun-loving small humans (or fun-loving full grown humans for that matter) who might enjoy a cozy wintertime tale to curl up by the fire with this year, it would make a lovely Christmas gift. Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins is available to order through libraries, bookstores and all online retailers. Here is a link to buy Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins from

And we have a new Christmassy coloring page from Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins that you can print for your little ones here.

xmas coloring page  Lucy and Jack

More soon,


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