A monstrous sneak peek for Halloween week!

It seems like an appropriate week to share a monster-filled, double-page picture from Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Day Eaters.

“All around Lucy, more monsters now appeared. They howled and danced madly, they whooped, they screamed, they cheered!”



Kirkus Indie books of the month-October 2014

Bret and I are very excited for Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Day Eaters to be one of the four books chosen for the Kirkus Indie books of the month list for October 2014!

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Poetry is magic

We all know that rhymes and poetry can improve childrens vocabulary as well as their reading skills in general. Theyre an important part of the way our brains work, especially when we are young.

Lucy Lick-Me-Not is the first of my stories that was for children and the first that came out in rhyme, and it did so without my permission.

I sat down to write one day and each line naturally rhymed with the last. Once this happened, it was very important to me that it stayed that way. Friends and family would tell me I didnt have to make it rhyme and that they thought the story was good enough without it. But to me it definitely wasn’t. The books I remembered most from my childhood were the ones that rhymed - they were the most fun to read and I wanted Lucy Lick-Me-Not to be as much fun as possible.

What I think is so appealing and amazing about poetry is that music can come from static black text on a white page, that when you read out loud the rhythm becomes more perceptible, and that forcing your brain to collaborate with your vocal chords unlocks a primal rhythm that is deep inside all of us just waiting to be unleashed. Poems are the visceral key that can turn your voice into a musical instrument.

A poem that I read again and again for this purpose is Edgar Allen Poe’s  ‘Annabel Lee’.         You can read it here.


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