Trying something new - Illustrating

I have toyed with the idea of illustrating for some time, and up until a couple of weeks ago I felt daunted by this because although I paint as a hobby and I love it, I don’t tend to paint from my imagination. I work with acrylic on on canvas and I paint from photos I take on my travels, the ocean and sky are my favorite subjects.

paintings cc

But as I have learned during the past decade of relocating, traveling and trying many new things, it’s always good to leave your comfort zone. So the other day I let my imagination run free and by the end of the day I had an illustration and a story for 4-8 year olds. I also discovered my illustrating process is very similar to my writing process. When I start a new story, more often than not I get a simple sentence in my head of the premise, then from there I create the ending and then the rest of the story comes to me. This happened with my illustrations. I had an idea of what I wanted to paint (a sky scene), and what developed that day is the final image in a new story - two friends in a hot air balloon. I wanted to know their story, and I had very clear images in my mind of their travels, and from there the rest of the story came. I’m halfway through the illustrations now, and following is a preview of the image that started ‘The Journey’.


More soon,


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