Happy first day of autumn!

I've been looking forward to this season. I love the leaves falling from trees, the darker evenings, an extra hour in bed, flannel sheets, Halloween, carving pumpkins and the sunsets from October to December are possibly the most beautiful of the year.

I'm not sure how much of an autumn feel we'll get in Southern California, but there will be a mild seasonal change, and maybe a few Japanese maple trees on 11th street will turn red and brown (I guess the Greedy Gubbins live on that street!).

Autumn is the time when we get to see the results for the years' hard work, and this post brings with it exactly that. If you have any fall birthdays or if you're beginning to think of winter holiday gifts, why not check out Lucy's second adventure, Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins: A Christmas Story.

Here is what Kirkus Reviews said about it:

"The second installment of the series is just as wildly imaginative and fun as the first. Carmel has her formula—a frothy fantasy with a touch of smarts—down pat. Educational lessons dot the lyrical prose, as in the beginning of the book, when Carmel explains why there are seasons to begin with: i.e., the Earth’s rotation bringing different parts of the Earth closer to the sun and all that. Elsewhere, Carmel explains that spring is for planting, fall is for harvesting, etc. Burkmar’s vivid, colorful illustrations are the cherry on top of a lovely sundae that children and adults alike will reach for time and again."


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