A poem for August

One of the projects I'm working on at the moment is a book of short poems about all the different kinds of monsters that could exist in my world.

This poem is inspired by having lived in many apartments with little or no sound insulation. I think most people try to be considerate to their neighbors when it comes to noise, but occasionally there are those who play their music so loud your walls vibrate and even ear plugs can't fully block the noise. That's when you could call the Noise Monster and he would come and restore peaceful silence to your home.

The Noise Monster

There’s a certain type of monster you wouldn’t want to meet,

he has ears as large as lampshades, and twelve restless feet.

With feet so quick and ears so big he hears every sound,

and zooms to the offending noise from way below the ground.

He can hear the smallest whisper from a baby in a womb,

but the sounds that call him out are ones that go BOOM BOOM!

Sounds that come from woofers or big surround sound systems,

the ones that send out big vibrating thumping beating rhythms

And the people who make these sounds without care for their neighbors

are the ones he takes back to his lair to chomp through with his sabers!

The worst of these noise bandits with their bass thumping desires,

he likes to roast slowly over red hot charcoal fires.

After gnawing on their bones, he goes back to his slumber,

until the next annoying beat — I just gave him your number.

More soon, 


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