From palm trees to pine trees

2016 didn’t start out as I had hoped. I had a bad fall down the stairs just before New Years Eve and spent the first 5 months of the year recovering from a back injury. It has been very slow to heal, not to mention extremely painful, so sitting at my computer has been difficult. I filled this time reading (my favorite book so far this year is The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery,) and binge watching Outlander and Downtown Abbey. Which sounds relaxing, but in reality it's pretty frustrating not being able to do much due to pain and discomfort. But at last I can sit for short periods again, and I thought that writing blog posts would be a good way to get back into the habit of writing every day.

Although it sounds like I've not done much in the past six months, I did relocate from southern California to the Pacific Northwest, and am still in the process of transitioning to my next home. Every relocation has a period of adjustment, but life feels particularly surreal when you're in temporary housing without any of your belongings around you. I've always felt that the things we own begin to own us, and to have fewer belongings would be the ideal state to be in. However, having a taste of that by living out of a suitcase in unfamiliar surroundings, I find that I'm craving the comfort of domestic knick knacks that say to you 'this is your home', and I'm grateful that at least I brought my favorite mug with me for my coffee every day.

So far I like it up north more than I was expecting to, as I was not sure how I would handle all the rain after living in sunny California for almost ten years. We've been here five weeks, and I've yet to see all this terrible rainy weather I've heard so much about. We've had about four to five days of rain total in all that time, and its been as hot as Los Angeles on some days too - I even had to go buy some flip flops to stay comfortable! I'm sure once the autumn comes around I'll get my share of rain and will look back and laugh at what I have just written. The people up here are very friendly, chatting to my dog and I at crosswalks and on the street. It is of course very green, and there are no more palm trees. I'm also looking forward to planning some whale watching trips. I love whales and actually most of the knick knacks I'm missing are whale-themed. During my "back recovery period" I watched 'A Life Among Whales' which is an amazing documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who loves the ocean and these beautiful creatures. 

palm trees to pine trees

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