A room with a view (at last!)

It's been just over two years since I started this blog and wrote about my little writing cupboard in my first post. After relocating up north I now have a writing room with an actual window (well two actual windows!) I can see many types of trees from both, and I love hearing and seeing all the different kinds of birds outside in our rural setting. I especially love to hear the roosters from the many friendly neighbors around me who raise chickens and have kindly welcomed us to the neighborhood by bringing over fresh eggs with yolks the color of sunshine. It is a stark difference to the sounds of busy city life I could hear from the dark cupboard I used to write in. The walk I take my girl, Murphy, on leads to the Puget Sound and on the way we even get to see a llama who is becoming less shy each time we pass him.

Some pics of the new writing room and our walk:



I will keep the blog name, Notes from a cozy cupboard, because that is where my blog started and the new writing room has a cozy feel to it as well.

More soon,


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