A new home, a new season, a new project

For me the Gaelic calendar feels more natural for the seasons, especially when you see crocuses and snow drops sprouting in February. If you were following the Gaelic calendar, the spring months would be February, March and April, summer would be May, June, and July, autumn would be August, September and October, and winter would be November, December and January.

As I mentioned in previous posts I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. It's the first relocation (out of many) that we have done with the seasons. It felt right to relocate and start fresh in the spring, planting real roots for the first time in a decade. I love that people used to plan their lives by the seasons - they had to. And having that natural rhythm to follow during this move has made it feel so much easier than all our previous relocations, which tended to happen in the autumn and made our lives hectic and busy at the time of year when things should be slowing down, and we would all like to be getting into a different rhythm for coming the winter months.

Springtime brings about images of renewal and new beginnings, and that is when we found our new home and began getting all the interior work done. We moved into our house in summer, and have been settling in to a more relaxed pace of life and enjoying the many flowers in our garden and ripe plums from our tree:

summer CC

I'm very excited for the autumn and for being able to enjoy it properly now that we are settled into our new life. It will be our first real one in about eight years, and I can't wait to see the fall colors here and wear scarves and sweaters again. I'm looking forward to working in the garden and pruning it back for the winter and smelling that crispness in the air that is prevalent on most September mornings.

My back is still slowly getting more comfortable, physical therapy is helping and so I am back to writing a bit more and it feels good. I'm reworking a one-off children's story that is set around Halloween and features some new characters and a couple of seasonal monsters - more to come on that soon. For now Lucy Lick-Me-Not is taking a little break, but we'll update the FB page and website when there is more news on her return. Hopefully it won't be too long.

(Artwork by Bret Burkmar)

lucy in bed

More soon,


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