A little monster poem for August


When you can't find the word that was just on your tongue,

there's a little beast who steals it - his name is I'm-No-One.

I'm-No-One eats up words and thoughts, to him they taste like gum,

popping up at awkward times - his name is I'm-No-One.

Munching on the simple words, he laughs when you look dumb,

he's a conversation-stopper - his name is I'm-No-One.

You cannot see or hear him, so he's very hard to shun,

hiding far behind your teeth - his name is I'm-No-One.

If you were to meet him, he'd deny his thieving fun,

and with a guiltless smile say, “What me? I'm-No-One.”

But I think that I am safe as this poem's nearly done,

my mouth is surely free from the beast called I'm-No--


More soon,


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